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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ubuntu DVD - remove region on copy

My goal:
copy a DVD and remove the region code
I have a DVD with a region code that won't play in my DVD player.  I tried a few solutions, but they did a full copy, including the region code!

Then I tried k9copy.  This can be loaded from the Ubuntu Software Center.  It installs the k9copy application and the k9copy assistant application.

The k9copy Assistant
Screen 1 - selecting the source

Notice there's a Settings button in the bottom left hand corner.  I'm not going to show you all the settings - but you have plenty to play with!

Screen 2 - selecting the activity

In my case, I selected the Rip and encode DVD.  This allows you to copy a DVD to a blank DVD with a lot of control.  If you take the default settings, it works very well.

Screen 3 - select the destination

k9copy assistant will choose a default folder and filename.  I left this unchanged, but it's up to you.

Screen 4 - select the elements you want to copy

Now we're getting somewhere.  You select/deselect by clicking the grey square next to each title.  If you want the whole DVD, click each one.  By clicking on a line, you can preview it in the small window - this makes it very easy to copy only what you want.

Screen 5 - confirmation

Your selected elements are shown, together with the language option you have chosen (in Settings).

Screen 6 - copy options at element level

You now have the ability to fine tune exactly how you want to copy each element.  The only default option I chose was 2 pass option, which is slower but performs an improved, constant quality encoding.

From here on, k9copy provides the status of the operation and prompts you when it's time to load the blank DVD.

In Summary
I found the k9copy assistant is very easy to use. There are a myriad of options that provide control over just about anything you would wish to change.  However for straight copying, just leave the defaults.  Once you get used to it, try using the straight k9copy application.


  1. Must be some strange, new usage of the word 'easy' I wasn't previously aware of

  2. no, just the normal use of the word 'easy'...